Cover of A Practical Guide Linux Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming

Errata for A Practical Guide to UNIX for Mac OS X Users
The name of the person who first reported an error appears in parentheses following the correction.

Chapter 3, page 50 Change the last three lines of the fist paragraph (under Figure 3-8) to "... (indicated by a minus sign) from the first line through the sixth line. Similarly the +1,5 indicates that the hunk covers colors.2 from the first line through the fifth line." (Michael M. Dowd)
Chapter 8, page 298 First sentence, change whereis to pwd. (Pierre Beauchemin)
Chapter 12, page 477 This page is missing from the first printing. Click here to view page 477. (Robert Pritchett)
Chapter 13, page 563 First example, change 1709 to 5209 in the output of the ps command. (Pierre Beauchemin)
Chapter 13, page 570 In the second paragraph, under :? Displays an Error Message, delete the first sentence (You must quote message if it contains SPACEs). (Pierre Beauchemin)

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